Choosing Native Plants

What are native plants?- We define a native or indigenous plant as a species that has been recorded at the time of early settlement in this area, about 300 years ago. Native plants possess plenty of nectar and wildlife habitat characteristics that are adapted to the local climate. Native plants just make sense!

Why choose native plants?- Native grasses, flowers, and shrubs have adapted to the local climate of the region. They are, by evolution, tolerant of extreme heat, bitter cold, and fierce winds of the Midwest. After they are established, they need no extra protection from the drought in summer or the harsh elements in winter, thereby reducing gardening labor. An area of lawn that has been converted to a native plant garden does not require routine fertilizers, watering, or mowing.

The plants featured below are native to Lucas County and work with just about any rain garden design. Please contact us for questions on locating a retailer near you. 

New England AsterCardinal FlowerGreat Blue LobeliaSwamp Milkweed
Butterfly Milkweed Marsh Blazing StarOhio SpiderwortPurple Coneflower
Wild GeraniumWild Red ColumbineCulver's RootDaylilies
White TurtleheadBlack-eyed SusanBlue Flag IrisBlue Vervain
Flat- topped White AsterIronweedMarsh MarigoldTall Coreopsis
Grasses & Sedges
Fox SedgeSoft RushLittle BluestemPrarie Dropseed
Red-Twigged DogwoodBlueberriesBlack Chokeberry


Helpful Native Plant Resources

Photo Credit: reference photos taken from and other various sources.